About SMR Promotions


Smart Marketing Resources is a promotional products business focused on helping our customers build their brand identity, solidify core messages and create team spirit in a fun and highly cost effective way. Promotional products, also known as ad specialties, make up a $25 billion dollar industry and are used by virtually every organization in America. Items like mugs, pens and t-shirts and thousands of others are used frequently and seen by thousands of people during a product's useful life. 

Why are promotional products so effective? 

Three key factors come together to make promotional items one of the best values you can find to increase awareness of your program, event or brand.


    Tangible……….promo items are real, useful, informative, and immediate

    Highly Visible...people use promo items everywhere; at any time of day

    Frequency…….successful items are seen by THOUSANDS over time 


This special combination makes promotional products among the most cost effective ways to refresh, reinforce, or re-introduce core messages and brands that one can make.

The bottom line is…promotional products are a great way to help you achieve the recognition that your program, group, and organization deserves!

Why SMR?

It comes down to relationships and people….of course!  We have cultivated special partnerships with our supply chain and we review them often.  We won’t work with every manufacturer….we only work with a select few that have proven quality products and the high performance standards we require. 

This is important to you for two reasons: 

We demand quality and consistency.  You wouldn’t settle for less and neither do we! 

Managing fewer manufactures means we can focus more time on you and your needs!

Finally the most important reason customers love SMR - our customer support team.  From account executives, to the art department, operations and administration.  Everyone is focused on the customer at SMR.  Unlike most companies, we want to hear from you directly! 

Promotional products are a great solution for so many organizations, but they can be a complete nightmare if just one of the dozen decisions for each project gets confused.  There are details about each product, color, printing, art, timing and the perfect message that can make your promotions forgettable or fantastic!  These details are easily overlooked without experienced assistance along the way.  There is no substitute for the personal touch.  

Our experts are there with you every step of the way on every project – real people who know their business.  

And their business is to make sure you and your organization always look great!

Give us a call and see for yourself!

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